Mayo Intercultural Action – otherwise known as MIA – is an organisation that exists to make newcomers to County Mayo feel welcome and to help them resolve any difficulties they may have.  MIA was set up in 2004 as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), managed by a voluntary management committee.


MIA project exists to promote the positive effects of interculturalism and the meaningful participation of migrants and their families in all aspects of the community of Co. Mayo. MIA is committed to the provision of representation, recognition, respect, solidarity and equality for migrants, and increased responses to address their needs. We would like to see an open, just and equal Ireland where human rights and cultural differences are respected and where new Irish communities are afforded equal rights and opportunities.                                         

MIA’s role is: 

–   to provide support and advocacy for migrants living and working in County Mayo;

–  to give a voice to migrants living in Mayo, including to asylum seekers who are in accommodation under Direct Provision;

–  to help people who have been granted residency to find opportunities for training, education and employment;

–  to offer a safe and welcoming space where people seeking a new life in Ireland can take part in social activities, meet people in a similar situation and be informed about their rights and entitlements;

– to advocate for change of laws, policies and practices to address the issues affecting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees at local and national level through lobbying, campaigning, networking and other legitimate means of policy development.