Mayo Intercultural Action European Refugee Fund Projects

Different Together is a partnership initiative established to provide training interventions and support to local community leaders in order to increase their capacity in negotiating and monitoring integration and supporting communities through current and future social, economic, environmental and cultural changes.

Different Together delivers a community training and development project over a two year period. A central element of the project is the delivery of a training programme for local community leaders with refugee status to increase their capacity to help sustain communities through social, economic, environmental and cultural changes taking place at present and in the future. The project works with two distinct groups – those who are emerging or potential community leaders and those who are current community leaders. The training programme is a unique and innovative response to community leaders’ needs in promoting new strategies and approaches to developing integration opportunities at a local level. It represents a collaborative and co-operative approach of people from different backgrounds and nationalities in an effort to promote integration at a local level. The Training Programme consists of a Pre-development Programme and a Community Programme. The Pre-development Programme includes personal development, information technology, group work, book-keeping and committee skills. The Community Programme includes the completion of a Certificate in Community Work in a Changing Ireland which is awarded by NUI Maynooth at level 8 special purpose, and incorporates modules on Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation Skills, Media Skills, Rural and Urban Planning, and Intercultural Training.

The objectives of the ‘Different Together’ project are to
To equip participants with skills to participate and effectively engage with local communities at a neighbourhood level in the future sustainable development of their communities.
To establish inclusive, intercultural community resource groups to promote interculturalism and strengthen social cohesion between refugees and the majority population at a local level.
To carry out monitoring and external evaluation of project.
To promote the mainstreaming of project learning and outcomes based on monitoring and evaluation outcomes with key local and regional agents in the implementation of practical and policy responses to integration.