EU Projects competed in the past

SOLAS – Support Orientation Learning for Asylum Seekers (European Refugee Fund, 2014-2015) provided informational, advocacy, social, cultural, mentoring, counselling supports to the residents of three Direct Provision Centres across Mayo and Galway.

Different Together – Building a Sustainable Model of Integration (ERF, 2011-2013) Certified training programme to build the capacity of migrants to become actively involved in their local communities and to promote sustainalbe integration in Co. Mayo.

GROW – Growing Real Opportunities for Women (Equality for Women Measure, 2011-2012) Women’s Entrepreneur Programme provided training and support for women starting their own business.

NASC NUA (2006-2009)- local partnership project aimed to promote integration, address isolation of migrant communities, build capacity and employability of groups and address their educational and training needs.