Mayo Intercultural Action (MIA) took part in the St. Patricks Day Parade

More than 140 people from diverse countries such as Burma, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Congo, France, Germany, Venezuela, Kenya, Rwanda, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary etc took part walked with MIA in the Paddy’s Day Parade in Castlebar.

What was really special was that people handpainted the flag of their country at a number of flag making workshops organised by MIA. There were drummers, maracas, chanting and singing along the way.

After the parade, there was  a PARTY in the Mayo Intercultural Action (MIA) Offices, Social Services Centre, Castle St Car Park, to keep the celebrations going!! Everyone managed to get a feed despite the big crowd.

An enjoyable but exhausting day was had by everyone!